Welcome to our enrollment and admissions page.  On this page you can get information about enrollment and admissions, apply for financial aid, and get resources for preparing for enrollment in the program TADS.com    The site will be open beginning January 31st.   

Click here to apply at http://www.tads.com

If you would like to submit an application for admissions and have already visited the school for a tour, please use the orange link below. To schedule a visit to Immanuel, please contact the school office at (815)232-3511. 

 We are still accepting applications for the school year.     

If you would like to submit an application for admissions, please contact the school office at (815)232-3511. 

Financial Aid Scholarships

Immanuel Lutheran School offers financial aid to assist families in making Immanuel Lutheran School affordable.  Awards typically range from a few hundred dollars up to a maximum of one-half of a year’s tuition.  All financial aid is based on the need or financial status of the student’s family, the number of requests received, and the amount of financial aid funds that are available for a given school year.  The application deadline for tuition assistance is April 30 for the following academic year.  We encourage families to apply by the deadline.  Applicants will be notified by mail approximately 6 weeks following each deadline of any award.  All applicants must be enrolled at Immanuel Lutheran School and have paid the registration fee to be considered for an award.

Immanuel Lutheran School uses a nationally recognized service, TADS, to process financial aid applications. TADS applies standardized criteria to determine to what extent each family needs assistance to pay for one year’s tuition.  Immanuel Lutheran School's financial aid committee uses information from the TADS process to allocate the amount of financial aid available. The TADS Financial Aid Worksheet below, is designed to assist in completing the application. 

Next Steps

Get your financial aid package ready.  

We have a document which will help you get ready for all that you will need to fill out your financial aid package.  Click the link below for that information.

Click here to apply at tads.com

Apply for financial aid

Now that you are ready to apply and have all the documents you will need for this process, click the link below to apply for financial aid.

Click here to apply at tads.com

Tuition Payment Options

Families may choose a payment schedule which best fits their needs.

Spread your tuition: 

  • equally over 12-months. The payments begin in June with the last payment due in May.

  • Spread your tuition payment equally over 10-months. The first payment is in August and the last payment is due in May.

  • Pay in full by check by July 1 and receive a 2% discount off your tuition.

  • Pay tuition and class fees in two payments, with payments due on July 1st and January 1st. With this option you will receive a .75% discount off your tuition.

The Supply/Book Fee, Technology Fee, and Parent-Teacher League dues are due in July.  No student may start school until these fees are paid.  They are non-refundable and will not be pro-rated if  your student leaves in the middle of the year.  

Tuition Rates

Every Student who attends Immanuel receives an Education Grant from Immanuel church.   In addition, new K-8 families to Immanuel receive a one-year discount.  All families that refer new families to enroll at Immanuel also receive a discount for each family that enrolls. Contact the school to see if you qualify for one and to find out about our current tuition rates.  

Additional Fees

Athletic Fees:  Immanuel Lutheran School assesses a fee of $35 per athlete per sport season.

Private Music Lessons:  Immanuel's Director of Music offers lessons for many different musical instruments and voice.  There is a nominal fee for participation in these.

Is It Worth It?

Each family must ultimately answer this question for themselves.  You can read what a parent wrote at the sidebar to the right. Mr. Nick Muench or any of us at ILS would also love the opportunity to help you better understand what ILS has to offer. Contact us or stop by at anytime.

Contacts for Tuition and Financial Aid

If you have additional financial questions please contact the school office at 815-232-3511


As a current family of Immanuel, you should have already received information about enrollment.  If you have misplaced that information, we are here to help.  Click the link below for the TADS website where you can regain access to your account through the login

Is it worth it?

Once again it’s time for that decision, do I send my child to Immanuel, and is it worth the scrimping, saving, doing without vacations and the latest fashions, or postpoing car repairs? Maybe you have asked some of these same questions. What is it about Immanuel that makes the financial struggle worthwhile?

Is it worth seeing my 13 year-old forming strong friendships that could last a life-time with school friends who are committed to a biblical world view?

Is it worth listening to how impressed he was with the day’s chapel speaker? Or hear the way a teacher’s faith moved him in class? Or see his eagerness to participate in a rally where hundreds of young Christian students gather on a Concordia college campus for a day of celebration, worship, and service?  Learning to serve the world and local community is part of school life at Immanuel that makes the Christian value of servanthood a reality for its students, a commitment I want my child to have.

Is it worth helping my child identify his God given talents? How important is it that my child realizes that he was made with value? Immanuel has given my child so many opportunities to grow as a servant leader, athlete, and musician.  I see his classmates growing as artists, encouragers, public speakers, actors, and prayer warriors.  All of this is going on while they are  receiving a first rate academic education.  Immanuel values every child and helps them know they are special.  

Teens are vulnerable. Immanuel has given my child the firm foundation to be able to handle this stage of life. Being aware of opposing views, of life’s issues, and having a school that supports students, listens to them and comes alongside of them is important. Teachers at Immanuel are approachable and ready to listen, to encourage. Best of all they are committed to a biblical world view and a passion for Christ.

Can family vacations wait---can a child’s biblical worldview wait? Can we do without high speed internet and cable TV--will a child’s life issues/peer pressure/media pressure just go away? Am I wistful about some of the things we will have to let go as my child attends Immanuel? Perhaps, but when I lift my eyes upward I know that the only, the most important thing I want for my child is for him to know and follow Jesus. To love Him beyond all else here on earth, above all the things that will one day fade away, and I know without a shadow of a doubt, that yes, it is worth it.