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Is it worth it?

Once again it’s time for that decision, do I send my child to Immanuel, and is it worth the scrimping, saving, doing without vacations and the latest fashions, or postpoing car repairs? Maybe you have asked some of these same questions. What is it about Immanuel that makes the financial struggle worthwhile?

Is it worth seeing my 13 year-old forming strong friendships that could last a life-time with school friends who are committed to a biblical world view?

Is it worth listening to how impressed he was with the day’s chapel speaker? Or hear the way a teacher’s faith moved him in class? Or see his eagerness to participate in a rally where hundreds of young Christian students gather on a Concordia college campus for a day of celebration, worship, and service?  Learning to serve the world and local community is part of school life at Immanuel that makes the Christian value of servanthood a reality for its students, a commitment I want my child to have.

Is it worth helping my child identify his God given talents? How important is it that my child realizes that he was made with value? Immanuel has given my child so many opportunities to grow as a servant leader, athlete, and musician.  I see his classmates growing as artists, encouragers, public speakers, actors, and prayer warriors.  All of this is going on while they are  receiving a first rate academic education.  Immanuel values every child and helps them know they are special.  

Teens are vulnerable. Immanuel has given my child the firm foundation to be able to handle this stage of life. Being aware of opposing views, of life’s issues, and having a school that supports students, listens to them and comes alongside of them is important. Teachers at Immanuel are approachable and ready to listen, to encourage. Best of all they are committed to a biblical world view and a passion for Christ.

Can family vacations wait---can a child’s biblical worldview wait? Can we do without high speed internet and cable TV--will a child’s life issues/peer pressure/media pressure just go away? Am I wistful about some of the things we will have to let go as my child attends Immanuel? Perhaps, but when I lift my eyes upward I know that the only, the most important thing I want for my child is for him to know and follow Jesus. To love Him beyond all else here on earth, above all the things that will one day fade away, and I know without a shadow of a doubt, that yes, it is worth it.