We have transitioned from EasyTithe to Pushpay for our online giving platform. Please click the link below to set-up or access your account. You may also text “ILFGIVE” to 77977 to access it from your smartphone. Thank you and God’s blessings.

Click on the  PushPay  image to give now or to set up recurring giving.

Click on the PushPay image to give now or to set up recurring giving.


Offering is an act of worship.  It is not mere donation or giving to an organization.  

Why?  The act of giving to the church is not an act of giving to an organization.  When you offer your stewardship to the church, you are offering it to the group, not the place.  The church is not the name, and it is not the building.  The people are the church and at Immanuel, that people is the congregation.  It is the congregation as a collective that, moved by the will of God through His Word and by the Holy Spirit, decide how to use those gifts for the building up of Christ's Kingdom on earth.  

Therefore, offering your stewardship is contributing to God's mission of salvation and sharing in the ministry  that He does through Immanuel.

This is why we do not take this act of worship lightly or oppress people with the idea that there is a certain amount people should give.  Cheerful giving out of want or plenty is what is asked.  

Please read this document for more information on Biblical Stewardship 



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