Week 2 Devotion and Questions

In your group, read through Luke 10:25-37.

This is the parable of the Good Samaritan and it contains the Jesus Creed.  In this case its a lawyer who quotes the creed to Jesus.  This brings up a lot of interesting points.

First, read Luke 18:18-27.

What is similar about the question of the lawyer and the rich young ruler?

Why do they ask about eternal life and not "how do I get to heaven."  (Answer for discussion...the goal salvation and forgiveness was never to be saved for heaven, but that through God's will being done through His people, heaven would be on earth.  Hence, "The Kingdom of Heaven has come near to you.")

In the question from the rich young ruler, what causes the young man to not live out what Jesus gives to do?

In the question from the lawyer, what causes the lawyer to not live out what Jesus gives to do.

How do we love those who we do not like?

What if God did not keep coming after us with His love?  What if Christians stopped going after people who do not know the love of God?  What if we allowed our righteousness to get in the way of those who do good but do not know Jesus?  

For more discussion questions be sure to go to the back of the devotional book.  We are in the week after the 1st Sunday in Lent before the 2nd Sunday.