Week 3 Devotion and Questions

I hope you are enjoying the devotions from "The Jesus Creed."  I also hope that the Holy Spirit is growing you in the Word as you continue to study and discuss with others.

Scot continues to explore and expand the depth of what it means to love.  This expansion has certainly challenged me in ways that have made me uncomfortable and caused me to have to think outside of my typical safe box.  Day 15 in particular caused me the most "angst" as I am always challenged in how to work with others who do not believe as I do even when that work is bringing Christ's love to others.

1.) What has been the most challenging day for you in these devotions and why?

2.) How has the church contributed to Dan Kimball's findings about people who love Jesus but not the Church?  (Day 13).  In other words what has the church done to cause such a view?  

 Check out these links for more data on this subject:


3.)  Who is needy in our community and how can you help them?