Immanuel Lutheran Church has been dedicated to Christian education since 1877. We believe this Christian education should be available to as many families as possible. The Lord has blessed us with many gifts to be used for financial assistance to families committed to Christian education based on their financial needs. We hope and pray that no family will be excluded only because of financial inability to pay tuition.

We are in the process of automating our Financial Aid request system.   Look for new information by April 8, 2014.  This new system will be used to request financial aid for the 2014-2015 academic school year.  


The information below applies to the 2013-2014 academic school year.   If you have a hardship situation for this academic year or are transferring into the school this year, please complete the appropriate forms below  and email to  Thank you.


Scholarship Policy

Scholarship Application

Hardship Application

Home Finances Form