School Age Youth Program

Breakfast & Snacks:

For those children arriving before school, breakfast may be brought.  It should be ready to eat. The staff will not be able to heat it for them.

There is a snack after school.  Children are offered a nutritious snack including milk or juice.

Getting To & From Classes:

The morning teacher will escort the children upstairs at 8:35 each morning.  No child will be allowed to wander the building alone.  

At 3:05 the children attending the school age program will meet the teacher outside the gym.  For the first half hour the children will use the gym.  If the weather is appropriate, the teacher may choose to take the children outside. 

 School Discipline: 

Although we are not in a classroom setting and we do want the kids to enjoy being in our care, discipline is important in order to make sure that everyone is able to have a safe and enjoyable time.  The school discipline code remains in effect while the children remain on school property or are taking part in a school sponsored activity.   This includes the School Age Program.

In ordinary circumstances a verbal warning asking that the inappropriate behavior be stopped will be given.  If there continues to be a problem the child will be asked to take a “time-out” away from the others or the activity for a short period.   If the behavior continues, the child will not be able to participate in free play for the remainder of that day or possibly longer should it be necessary.   If problems become continuous, the parent will be contacted either by letter or by phone call.

No School Days & Vacations:

The school age room operates on an as needed basis for all days off and vacations during the school year. The program will only be available if six or more children are signed up. 

For days off and the Christmas and Spring breaks, a sign up sheet will be posted two weeks prior to the scheduled day or days off.   The sheet will remain posted for 1 week. Once the sheet is removed, no one else will be able to sign up.  If you have signed up for a given day and no longer want to use the program for that day, you will be responsible for the fee for that day.  

For Christmas and Spring break the school age room is available on a daily basis.  You need to sign up for the days you will use it.   The room is only staffed if there are six children signed up for care for the day. 

In all cases we will notify you one-week prior regarding whether or not the program will operate so you will have the opportunity to make other arrangements for your children if necessary.               

When possible, special field trips or activities will be planned for these days off.   Some examples are movies, ice or roller-skating, and eating out.   Parents are asked to cover the cost of these activities.   

Daily Schedules 


  • 6:30 – 8:35: As children arrive, they can eat breakfast brought from home, work on schoolwork or play quietly with friends 


  • 3:05 - 3:30: Meet in hall outside of the gym, run off energy in gym or outside. 
  • 3:30 - 3:45: Snack 
  • 3:45 – 5:45: Work on homework, play quietly, read.