Come Dear Jesus
3 Key Points

  • come dear Jesus teach us
  • come dear Jesus reconcile us
  • come dear Jesus change the world

      We should teach to love and serve Jesus.

       We should invite people to church.

        The greatest gift of Christmas is salvation.

3 Things I Learned

  • every things we do is because of Jesus
  • to celebrate Christmas without Jesus is no Christmas at all
  • we should not be afraid to talk about Jesus on Christmas

     We should be willing to reconcile differences with others.

         We should pray about how we could change the world

There are good people that don’t know Jesus.

How it Applies To Life
W need to know that everything in lie is because of Jesus.  On Christmas we need to focus on Jesus, when we open our presents we need to understand those presents are from Jesus. we need to serve, honor, and obey Jesus.

Christmas is more than a just a holiday. I can tell everyone that it is more than just receiving gifts. It is about the birth of Jesus and the salvation of our eternal life.