Date: January 12, 2014

The Sermon text: Romans 6: 3-4

Sermon title: Trust and Being Baptized with Jesus


3 key points in the sermon:  

  • The first key point is that being baptized with Jesus means DYING with Jesus. That means when we were baptized, we were baptized into His death. We were dying to ourselves, dying to sin, and dying to our normal way of thinking.

  • The next key point is being baptized with Jesus means BEING BURIED and BEING RAISED with Jesus. That means that we bury the many items and things that are not a part of a life sacrificed to Jesus. That means we are Easter Christians. We are Christmas Christians too, but especially Easter Christians. Because when you are baptized, you have been raised with Christ, just like on Easter. We have a new life and the eternal promise.

  • The final point is being baptized with Jesus means WALKING with Jesus. When you are baptized you have the promise of heaven and are able to actually walk right next to Jesus


3 Things I learned:

  • The first thing I learned was that when I am baptized, I die with Jesus.

  • I also didn’t know that when I am baptized, I am being buried with Jesus.

  • Finally, I especially didn’t know that when I’m baptized, I have risen with Jesus.


How can the sermon apply to my life?

It can apply to my life a lot because when someone asks why it is so important that that person is baptized, I can say that when they are baptized they die, are buried, rise, and are promised to walk with Jesus. They also need to know they just can’t stop going to church or their faith will die and they won’t go to heaven.