Blog #3  January 12, 2014                                       

Pastor Switz

Title:  Romans 6:3-4

Text:    Trust and Being Baptized with Jesus

Three Key Points:

·         Baptism is a way to start fresh and be cleansed of sin

·         Baptism brings you into God’s  world

·         Once we are Baptized we will never walk alone, God is always with us


Three Things I learned:

·         Baptism is a way of showing others that you are a child of God

·         It doesn’t matter if you are young or old when you get baptized.  What really matters is that you are proclaiming your faith in God

·         We should never forget what baptism means that we have chosen to live a good pure life and we need to pray each day to help us remember what our faith means to us.

How sermon applies to my daily life.

I am baptized and this was done when I was a small baby. I will always know that God is with me and I need to remember to pray to God to help me to be a good Christian and trust in him that my prayers will be heard even if I do not see God.