Date:  January 26, 2014

Text:  I Corinthians 1:10-18

Title:  “Crucified”

3 Key Points:

1.       The sinful part of us pushes us away from the cross.

2.       The power of God on the cross saves us and God’s power was shown in that moment of weakness.

3.       We are in a state of being sinners and saints at the same time.

3 New Things I Learned:

1.       If you don’t do things with love, all the wisdom and power you have are meaningless.

2.       We are all baptized into one body that makes us members of one church.

3.       Sometimes to show love you have to be truthful with someone, but the truth may hurt their feelings even though it was necessary to tell them they were sinning.

How Can This Sermon Apply to My Daily Live:

                Even though people are going to not always agree, disappoint us, or even sin against us, we shouldn’t kept a record of their wrong doings.  We need forgive and forget.  We’re going mess up too sometimes and we would want that people who we hurt to forgive us.


What was the main point of the sermon? 

                The main point of this sermon was about the true meaning of love. Without love we are nothing. We are gongs and cymbals. True love identifies what is destroying us and how to help us change. True love seeks the truth. If it is true, then it is love. Love is not just feelings. Paul takes about love. He says if we do not have love, we have nothing. 


How does hearing this sermon strengthen my understanding of Scripture, faith, and knowledge of Christ?         

This sermon strengthens my faith. It reminds me that I have a purpose in life for Jesus Christ my Savior. We cannot be divided; instead we all need the same judgment and same direction in Jesus Christ. When Paul says we all must agree he means that there is one word to proclaim the Gospel, one word to reach out, and that we must claim God’s word together. I know that I am a sinner, everyone is. Through these sinful ways, we are pushed away from the cross. In weakness, God’s power is shown. Through going to church and praying for forgiveness, we realize what we have done wrong and we are brought back to Jesus. 


What would you want someone else to know about this sermon?

                I would want someone to know that this sermon helps people remember that the truth can hurt, but it is love if it is true. True love seeks the truth. One should judge others only to help and lift them up. It is important to remember why we care about the body of Christ. When one suffers we all suffer. When one rejoices we all rejoice. As a church member we are all members of the body of Christ. One member is as important as all the other members.


"Crucified" By Pastor Ross Based on 1 Corinthains 1:10-18
    The three main points do the sermon included The cross is the power of God, Love, and Fellowship/members. From this sermon I learned that love is the truth and the truth hurts, we are the body of Christ, and the body of Christ is not divided. This sermon can apply to my life because now I know to show Christ in my life.