Miss Brenda Glandorf , our third grade teacher, has been teaching in Lutheran schools since 1981 and has been at Immanuel Lutheran School since 1997. She has her B.A. from Wartburg College. She returned to Concordia University, Seward, NE, to obtain her diploma of religious vocation.

Third Grade Curriculum Highligh:


  • A survey of the Bible covering the major stories of the Old and New Testament
  • A memory program of the books of the Bible, the Ten Commandments, the Apostle’s Creed, and the Bible verses relating to our lessons

Language Arts

  • Reading and analyzing various types of literature
  • Writing sentences and introduction to writing paragraphs
  • Instruction of phonetic rules and comprehension skills
  • Verb tense and irregular verbs, plural and possessive nouns, adverbs and adjectives, pronouns
  • Writing friendly letters, invitations, a personal narrative, reports, and fantasy stories
  • Proofreading skills and correct use of commas and ending punctuation
  • Spelling by patterns


  • Practice addition and subtraction facts up to thousands place with and without regrouping
  • Estimating and number order
  • Measurement of time to the minute, elapsed time, counting money, customary and metric measurements
  • One-digit multiplication facts and dividing by 0-9

Social Studies

  • Look at communities to learn geography, history, work, culture, and government—especially Freeport
  • Learn about our early communities and how they grew


  • Zaner-Bloser – review and master all lowercase and uppercase letters in manuscript and cursive


  • Learn the characteristics and habitats of the five groups of vertebrates and samples of invertebrates
  • Learn the senses and their organs in the nervous system
  • Learn the functions of seeds, flowers, stems, leaves, and roots