Tri-State Teamwork

Nehemiah 4: "When the Israelites were rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem, the work got tough and they got discouraged...So Nehemiah reorganized the work into teams. Half would stand guard ... The other half would work. Then they’d alternate their positions. He posted everyone by groups and families, so they could encourage and support each other."

Nehemiah was on to something and I believe this past weekend our school was a great example that teamwork.  I've heard a lot of positive feedback about Tri-State, and I CAN'T BEGIN to say thank you enough to everyone who contributed - for all the time and work that was volunteered over the weekend AND leading up to the event.  Whether you spent your entire weekend at the school or simply came out to watch a game, you made a difference and supported our school and its athletic program - THANK YOU!  I believe YOU helped create a special memory in the hearts of the students that will provide them with resolve to continue an active lifestyle throughout their lives.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10: “Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively. If one of them falls down, the other can help him up."

Thank You, Jared Sheppard

Saturday Tri-State Thought made it and things are moving along quite well.  Tonight at 5:30 we have the opportunity to worship our God together.  What a great opportunity.

Our theme is leading us through the lives of folks from the Scripture.  We are hearing how these people relinquished their lives and confessed to God. "I am Yours; save me."  

Consider this...God's work did not finish with them.  When Christ cries out "It is finished" on the cross, all of Scripture is fulfilled in that moment.  Now, we continue the work of proclaiming the finished work which Christ has done.  You are a ongoing part...of the Biblical narrative.  God's work continues and is done in you through Christ.