I am Yours...

This simple verse from Psalm 119:94 is no so simple in its confession.  If we confuse this statement with that of our sometimes romantic thoughts in relationships, we misunderstand what this confession is actually professing.

In relationships, we may say I am yours, but if we examine our lives we know that there are times when the decisions we make are not always for the sake of the other person.  We may say, I am yours, but when we want something for ourselves, we may not live by the "I am yours" confession.  We may say something like, "I am yours, but I really want..."  

In our relationship with God, however we confess, "I am yours" with a connecting statement..."Save me."  It is not easy to live as though we are God's servants.  However, we also know that through Christ, we are saved and forgiven.  This is not an exemption to being God's, but it is a truism of our life.  We are at once God's, and we pray for Him to save us when we fail.  

So, what does it mean for us to confess, "I am Yours."  Being God's servant, His hands in this creation, what is God calling you to be.  Who is He calling you to forgive.  What is He saving you to do?