Tomorrow Tri-State starts...the excitement, the passion, the fun.  For 52 years Immanuel has had the opportunity to host this wonderful tournament.  What a blessing.

Think about that...52 years of volunteers, 52 years of Coaches, 52 years of participants, 52 years of parents supporting such a wonderful event.  Where are they now?  What do they remember?

As we approach this weekend and all of its excitement and stress, we should ask ourselves, "Who do we get to serve?"  We have so many opportunities this weekend to serve God by serving each other.  An encouraging word, clapping for the other team when they make a good play, pitching in and helping out.

Confessing, "I am Yours, save me" gives us this opportunity.

So what opportunity of service are you going to take?  What is God going to do through you that will be remembered 52 years from now?