Mrs. Kathy Vehmeier, the fourth grade teacher, has been teaching at Immanuel since 1990. She has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Concordia University, Chicago (River Forest). She is married to Paul and has two step-children, Jacquie and Nathan. Mrs. Vehmeier helps teach the Wee Ones in Sunday School.

Forth Grade Curriculum Highlights:


  • Chronological survey of Bible history that emphasizes Bible literacy and discipleship
  • Increase in knowledge and faith
  • expressing and sharing faith through worship and witnessing

Language Arts

  • Nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, and adverbs, and how to correctly use them
  • Writing friendly and business letters
  • Writing a personal narrative, fictional stories, a research paper and a persuasive essay.
  • Reading and analyzing various types of literature
  • Correct punctuation, capitalization and grammar


  • Spelling words using knowledge of patterns and phonics rules.


  • Mastery of addition and subtraction facts
  • Practice with multiplication and division facts
  • Practice with addition and subtraction of larger numbers
  • Multiplication and division by one digit
  • Introduction and practice basic measurement, time and geometry
  • Multiplication by two digits
  • Identify the ways that geographers gather and use information about the United States

Social Studies

  • Introduction to the basic geography of the United States
  • Identify the ways that geographers gather and use information about the United States
  • Study the relationships of the people to their country, region and state


  • Zaner-Bloser—review and master all lowercase and uppercase letters in manuscript and cursive


Introduce the basic concepts of :

  • Entymology (insects)
  • Botany (plants)
  • Ornythology (birds)
  • Meteorology (weather)
  • Geology (rocks and the earth)
  • Oceanography
  • Astronomy