Our Mission Statement

Immanuel Lutheran Church is a Christ-centered family, engaged in mission, sharing the good news of the love of God in Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament

Our Affiliation

Our church is known as "Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church."  The word "Immanuel," means "God with us."  The word "Evangelical" is a word used by many Lutheran churches to emphasize that we are "people of the Gospel" and witness and mission.  Though some churches use the word "evangelical" with other criteria in mind, the word as used by our church emphasizes that mission and ministry goes beyond our walls to all the world. 

Lutherans follow in the tradition of the Reformation teachings of Martin Luther and other reformers.  We do not follow the man but rather the Reformation truths that we are saved by "grace alone," by "faith alone," and that what we teach and believe are based on "Scripture alone."  Luther's Small Catechism of Christian doctrine is used along with the Bible in teaching people about the faith.

We are one of more than 6,000 congregations of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.  The word "synod" means "walking together" and it refers to a group of Lutheran churches who have banded together for work.  Our Synod was founded in 1847 and does mission work and has partner churches in nearly 40 countries.Pastors and teachers for our church body are trained in a system of more than a dozen universities throughout North America. 

Immanuel congregation was founded in 1877. 

Immanuel supports mission projects through the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and also has a “Mission of the Month” which focuses on specific areas of work.