Immanuel’s Youth Groups

We offer two faith based youth group for students in Freeport and the surrounding community. Stronghold is our Sr. youth group for high school students in the 9th to 12th grade. Refuge is our Jr. youth group for 5th to 8th grade. Each group meets twice a month.

Click picture to find out more about Stronghold!

Click picture to find out more about Stronghold!

Stronghold Sr Youth group

Immanuel Lutheran Sr. High Youth Group’s mission is to strengthen the faith which they have professed in their confirmation vows, making them into strongholds in their High School and surrounding community. Stronghold is a place they can come to be refreshed by the Word of God, have fellowship with others who are battling the same enemy, and be strengthened and prepared to make a defense for the hope they have in Jesus Christ while enjoying God’s creation.

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Click Picture to find out more about Refuge!

Click Picture to find out more about Refuge!

Refuge jr Youth Group

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Immanuel Lutheran Jr. Youth Group’s (5th to 8th Grade) mission is to providing a “Refuge” to the youth of Freeport and surrounding communities. Refuge is a place where the youth can learn about the love of God, have fellowship with other youth, and have fun.

Newly RENOVATED Youth Room

Immanuel recently renovated the youth room to provide a unique location for both our senior and junior youth programs. The Elders of Immanuel spent many evenings and weekends working on the room to give the youth a new place to call home. The room now consists of four zones. First is the en-treatment and relaxing area where the you can watch movies and studies on the 120” projector screen. The second area is our active area. This area has multiple tables to play games, have bible studies and just hang out. It also has pool table / ping pong table to play on. Next you come to the third area. This is our prayer center. A large wood cross is mounted on the wall. Youth can write a prayer request and insert it via a nail to the cross. This allows other youth to read and pray for the request. The fourth and last area is the snack center. This area has a snack bar and is loaded with treats during most youth activities. We also have a second screen mounted above to allow anything showing on the main screen to be visible. There is also have a Foosball table to play.