Date: 10/6/2013

Sermon Text: 1 Timothy 1

Sermon Title: My Place in Church.  How did I get here?

Preached by: Pastor Ros Schultz

Key Points

“First we have to reflect on how we got to the church. Not by car or walking, but maybe by family, school, or by chance. But we all have different reasons. Nonetheless, the real reason is beyond ourselves.  The stewardship is from faith.  Paul tells Timothy it is not about me, or how good the preacher is, but it is about the Word of God and speaking His promise into our  lives. It is also about God given it to us (faith).  Grace was given to us by God and it is important in our faith in Christ. We have to be careful not to put laws above people although we want to. It is also about people's happiness.”

“The reasons why are to hear God’s Word and to learn about it.  We also go to church to receive His Grace.  The reason we learn about God’s Word is so that we can know more about things like how we’re supposed to behave, and who Jesus is, and also so that we can expand our trust and faith in God so we can lead a good life and someday go to heaven.  We need to be able to go to church to be able to learn about God’s Word for those reasons.”

“How do you get to church? There is many reasons people come to church, but

the thing we need to remember is that God calls us to church. In the end we all come

together for Christ. We have 1 lord, 1 faith, and 1 baptism. We don't go to the store and

buy these things because God gives them to us. It's not about what you want and your

plans, it's about what God wants and his plans for you”

“The main point of the sermon is that God has a plan for us. God sends us in the right direction even though we might not see it. He has a plan for each and every one of us. When we get baptized, He sends the Holy Spirit into our lives and He is with us daily.”

“The three key points in Pastor Schultz's sermon were: we all have a different way or story of how we got to Immanuel, God is with us during our lowest and highest times in our life, and the joy in our hearts is always Jesus Christ.”

“1. One God, One Church, One Baptism 2. That the Holy Spirit leads us into the church. 3. No matter how we come to church, all that matters is our faith in Christ and that we will hear his word.”

Things Learned

“There is more than one way to come to a Lutheran church. Each of us has different reasons and ways of doing it. Also, that we have to reflect on how we got to church. We do this by thinking of what we may have done or how we need to change to be a better Lutheran. Finally, we go to church to hear the Word of God and it is that gives us faith.”

“Some things I learned after hearing the sermon were that churches can make laws, that God has given us His Grace, and that our joy and happiness are because Jesus died for our sins.  I am glad that I got to hear this sermon so I could learn these things.”

“It strengthens my understanding of scripture because when I read and hear the Bible and I know that it is true and that Christ is there. He comes through the scripture. This strengthens my faith because I trust in Him that He has a plan for me and will lead me in the right direction. This strengthens my knowledge of Christ because I know that He is always there for me and will never leave me.”

“Three things I learned in his sermon were: the law and how it's made for those who are not only just but for the people who are lawless and disobedient, the Spirit can move you at any time in your life, and even though we may think other things in our life bring us joy, our true joy comes from Jesus Christ.”

“People go to church to feel a sense of happiness, joy, excitement, and to have fun. While

at church we can have all of these, but we should go to hear about the gospel of the lord. Many

times people create a "law" of why we go to church. We should go to church because Jesus died

for our sins and to hear the gospel of the lord. Lastly, the stewardship of god is by our faith.”

“1. God will be with me in tough times. 2. It’s ok if we don’t want to go to church God will still love you. 3. By going to church it gives you more faith that brings you closer to God.”

Life Application

“Sometimes we feel so guilty that we have to reflect our sins with other fellow Christians. Having faith in God in our daily lives will give us happiness.”

“This sermon applies to my life because it talks about why we go to church, and I of course go to church.”

“I would want them to know that everyone has a purpose in life and in the church. Jesus leads us in the right direction through faith in him and we have to trust in him. We know that Christ is always with us no matter what happens in life.”

“The sermon can apply to my daily life by helping me to know that no matter how down or happy I am about something, Jesus is and always will be at my side for the rest of my life.”

“I will use this in my daily life to know that I shouldn't go to church for the joy, happiness, and 

fun of it , but to receive gods word.”

“It’s good to know when sometimes I’m having a bad day that I can have faith in God to be there.  If I have faith in God I will receive His grace, His word, and eternal life.”