Title: Who's in Charge here?-It's all about order

By: Pastor Schwichtenberg

Text: 1Timothy chapter 3

1. some truths about "order" for overseers

  •   Its a     noble task; they need to be above repro
  • ach, and need to manage well and     respect

2. some truths about "order" for deacons and leaders

  • they need to     be dignifies, and hold the mystery of the faith with clear conscience.

3. some truths about "order" for leadership

  • leadership     needs to be about behavior, the church, Jesus and the mystery of godliness

Truths about "order" for overseers. The overseers need to manage well, command respect, and be above reproach. To be and overseer is a noble task but again we all fail at the ideas from god. Another key point is that deacons and leaders have to have '"order. "They need to be dignified, to be tested, and need to serve well. also they need to be able to hold the mystery of faith with a clear conscience. Finally, the last key point is that leadership even has its "order". For them it's all about behavior, church, Jesus, and the mystery if godliness. So, who really is in charge? The overseers or the deacons and leaders. The answer is none of the above! Who's in charge? JESUS!!!

what I learned:
 Leaders are suppose to be godly and need to be in charge of his household. they have to know and love Jesus before they can serve. Leaders need to trust in God to give them strength through the Holy Spirit. Leaders should not have evil desires and know Jesus is in charge.

I learned that no matter how hard we try, we will all eventually fail in acting in the house of god. Also that NO church should have people pushing other people aside for any reason. We are all coming together to learn and worship god; it doesn't matter what you wear or what you look like. We all look beautiful in gods eyes! Lastly, No matter what position you hold in the church, It's about Jesus and what he has done for us.

how can it apply to my life:
  as I become a leader, I need to trust in God. Everyone is a leader sometime in their life. like older kids are role models to little kids and need to be a leader and show them to God. anyone can be a leader. once your a parent you want to bring your kid to Christ. when your a leader you want to be like Jesus.

This sermon will help me in my daily life because it will remind me not to brag about a certain position or accomplishment I have received because I couldn't have achieved it without gods help  and guidance!