“Take Care’’…

Timothy Chapter 5

I and II Timothy



Take care of how you treat people. Treat people in a proper way.

Take care of your family. You need to provide for your family.

Take care of your church family. Care for the people that serve at your church.

How you treat other people

How you treat family

How you treat Church family

Take care of elders.

Take care of your church family.

Take care of yourself


The 3 things I learned.

We must be careful in church; we must watch how we are praying. Not making jokes about it.

We must properly help people who serve us; we must serve people who serve us.

We need to watch how we are serving others; we should serve people in a good way not a bad way

Always treat others with respect.

Don’t argue with others

Even if you don’t agree with someone else you need to listen to them and let them talk.

We should be careful how we act, love and forgive.


How this applies to my life

We should pray for others like people who are sick

or who are in hard times; families; friends and even our enemies.

We should forgive people as Jesus forgave us of our sins.

I will respect others even if they don’t agree with me

I will not talk about others in a mean way

I will be more careful how I greet people, talk to people and think about people.