Sermon Date:  December 8, 2013

Sermon Title:  “See Salvation” by Pastor Ros Schultz

Main Scriptures:  Matthew 3



            This sermon, called “See Salvation” was about baptism and how it’s a necessary part of our salvation, and also about how much we need salvation more than anything else in our lives.           

            We talked about this sermon at home and some of the points of the sermon.  One of those was that you need to repent and be baptized in order to receive salvation; otherwise, you can’t get into the kingdom of God, and that’s where we need to get to.  Also that no matter what kinds of things we have now, it won’t matter later, and what’s really important is to have salvation.  It’s all that’s important.

            From the sermon, I learned that the people who went to see John the Baptist wanted to repent and that’s what they were there for, to repent and get baptized.  Even Jesus went, and He’s Jesus.  I wish we would have learned a little bit more about why He had to do it too, but maybe that’s in the next sermon.  I also learned that the Pharisees and the Sadducees who were there really didn’t want to repent like everybody else did.  They were just doing what they did because that’s what they were told to do.

            This sermon applies to my life for a couple reasons.  One because of catechism class and we learn about baptism and other things we have to know.  It’s confusing because I was baptized when I was a little kid, but the Bible in Acts 2:38-39 says you’re only supposed to get baptized after you’ve received instruction and know about repenting.  That’s on page 206 of the catechism book too.  It says “Those who can receive instruction are to be baptized after they have been instructed in the main articles of the Christian faith”.  Kind of like the way we learn so many things in catechism class about Christian faith and what we’re supposed to do to get salvation and live our lives.  But then on page 207 it says babies can be baptized because they’re included in the “all nations” part.  I’m confused because it seems like if we get baptized as babies and little kids who don’t know what repentance is or what salvation is or anything, then we haven’t really done what we’re supposed to, because we haven’t received instruction or know what we’re doing.  I hope that we’ll learn more about this in church and in catechism class too.