Blog #2  November 14, 2013                                       

Pastor Ros

Title: 2 Timothy

Text:    Second letter of Paul to Timothy

Three Key Points:

·         Do not be ashamed

·         Know God is always with me

·         Do not give up when times are bad  as God will help me win


Three Things I learned:

·         Bad things will happen in life that I will never understand why they are happening

·         God will help me to get through life even when bad things are happening

·         God is always around and when bad things happen I will not always understand what the meaning of them are.

How I will apply this to life.

I will continue to be a good Christian and have faith that even in bad times God is with me and will help me to get through the hard times. I will not always need to know why things are happening but I need to remember that Christ has taken sin away and is there for me.