Luke 2:40-52


January 5, 2014

3 key points:

1.   Trust does come all the way from Heaven.

2.   Trust is most often missing in action.

3.   Trust is something that isn’t just with Christmas. It is something that comes though out our lives.

3 new things that I have learned today:

1.    I learned that trust is a missing action. Because there is so much sin in the world. We tell everyone about ourselves on the social networks, but then we lock the doors to our homes because we do not trust everyone.

2.    I also learned that trust comes from our church, those who lead us, our families and living outside our “Father’s House.”

3.    That trust goes back all the way from Eden. God trusted Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit.


These things that affect us on our daily lives are like when need help we can trust people to help us. And when we are lost we can always trust God to help us find a way back.