Date: February 23, 2014

Sermon Text: 1 Corinthians 3:10-23

Sermon Title: “You Are God’s Temple”


3 Key Points:  One key point is the foundation and building of this Temple. This means that the foundation is Jesus Christ our Savior and it must be built with great care. Another point is the Spirit and the Temple. This means that God’s Holy Spirit is dwelling in our Temple. The final point is the we need to be God’s Temple in a needy and needful world. This means we need to worship, pray, serve, and invite in the Temple.


3 New Things I Learned: I learned that I need to start praying in the temple. As well as serving in the temple and inviting people into the temple.


How Can the Sermon Apply to My Life: How this applies to my life is that when someone is going to church, saying that they’re going to heaven because they are Christian, and doing good works and then doing bad things like smoking and having sex, I need to tell them that that is not all. I need to say that God gave them this body and that it is not his or her own. I need to say that they need to take care of it because if the keep hurting they’re body and then start falling away from Christ they won’t go to heaven. I have to say it won’t matter if you go to church if you don’t listen and then do bad things also.