Tomorrow Tri-State starts...the excitement, the passion, the fun.  For 52 years Immanuel has had the opportunity to host this wonderful tournament.  What a blessing.

Think about that...52 years of volunteers, 52 years of Coaches, 52 years of participants, 52 years of parents supporting such a wonderful event.  Where are they now?  What do they remember?

As we approach this weekend and all of its excitement and stress, we should ask ourselves, "Who do we get to serve?"  We have so many opportunities this weekend to serve God by serving each other.  An encouraging word, clapping for the other team when they make a good play, pitching in and helping out.

Confessing, "I am Yours, save me" gives us this opportunity.

So what opportunity of service are you going to take?  What is God going to do through you that will be remembered 52 years from now?   


Psalm 119: 94 "I am Your, Save me, for I have sought Your precepts."


What is a precept?  This is one of those Biblical words that we hardly ever use in our normal day to day speech.  It is also difficult in translation from Hebrew into English.  The root Hebrew word פָּקַד is one of the most difficult words to translate in the Hebrew text.  Pronounce 'pa-kad,' this word is quit perplexing.  Its construct in Psalm 119: 94 is פִּקּוּדִים.  The root means to attend to, visit, muster, appoint.  When I googled the word 'precept' I was given this definition "a general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought."  

I do not like that definition at all.  I don't like it because it simply does not reveal what this Hebrew word means and why it is used in this text.  I mean look at verse 93

      I will never forget your precepts, 
      for by them you have given me life. 

By them (His precepts) You have given me life.  That does not sound like something that is regulating my behavior in a moralistic way.  It sounds like a parent who knows what is best for a child and what will keep them alive and gives a child what they need to live.  

So, are you seeking these things?  Are you looking at God's "precepts" as oppressive, or are you seeing that they give life?


I am Yours...

This simple verse from Psalm 119:94 is no so simple in its confession.  If we confuse this statement with that of our sometimes romantic thoughts in relationships, we misunderstand what this confession is actually professing.

In relationships, we may say I am yours, but if we examine our lives we know that there are times when the decisions we make are not always for the sake of the other person.  We may say, I am yours, but when we want something for ourselves, we may not live by the "I am yours" confession.  We may say something like, "I am yours, but I really want..."  

In our relationship with God, however we confess, "I am yours" with a connecting statement..."Save me."  It is not easy to live as though we are God's servants.  However, we also know that through Christ, we are saved and forgiven.  This is not an exemption to being God's, but it is a truism of our life.  We are at once God's, and we pray for Him to save us when we fail.  

So, what does it mean for us to confess, "I am Yours."  Being God's servant, His hands in this creation, what is God calling you to be.  Who is He calling you to forgive.  What is He saving you to do?

Tri-State Tournament Volunteers

Volunteers are still needed to help with Admissions, Stats, and Scoreboard Operation for Tri-State (particularly at St. Joe's on Saturday March 1st). Please call the number below for more information on times and rolls. Morning spots shouldn't miss any of the Lancer Girl's games and the afternoon spots shouldn't miss any of the Lancer Boy's games.

Jared Sheppard 630-643-7437

2/18/14: STATE Basketball Play-In Games Announced

The ILS Boys will be playing St. John's of Country Club Hills @ 5:45pm @ St. John's Lombard. The ILS Girls will be playing Immanuel Elmhurst @ 7:00pm.   Please come out and show your support for the kids who have worked so hard all season!

St. John’s Lutheran School 220 S. Lincoln Lombard, Illinois 60148

Thanks and God Bless, Jared Sheppard Freeport ILS AD 630-643-7437