Date: February 23, 2014

Sermon Text: 1 Corinthians 3:10-23

Sermon Title: “You Are God’s Temple”


3 Key Points:  One key point is the foundation and building of this Temple. This means that the foundation is Jesus Christ our Savior and it must be built with great care. Another point is the Spirit and the Temple. This means that God’s Holy Spirit is dwelling in our Temple. The final point is the we need to be God’s Temple in a needy and needful world. This means we need to worship, pray, serve, and invite in the Temple.


3 New Things I Learned: I learned that I need to start praying in the temple. As well as serving in the temple and inviting people into the temple.


How Can the Sermon Apply to My Life: How this applies to my life is that when someone is going to church, saying that they’re going to heaven because they are Christian, and doing good works and then doing bad things like smoking and having sex, I need to tell them that that is not all. I need to say that God gave them this body and that it is not his or her own. I need to say that they need to take care of it because if the keep hurting they’re body and then start falling away from Christ they won’t go to heaven. I have to say it won’t matter if you go to church if you don’t listen and then do bad things also.



Date:  January 26, 2014

Text:  I Corinthians 1:10-18

Title:  “Crucified”

3 Key Points:

1.       The sinful part of us pushes us away from the cross.

2.       The power of God on the cross saves us and God’s power was shown in that moment of weakness.

3.       We are in a state of being sinners and saints at the same time.

3 New Things I Learned:

1.       If you don’t do things with love, all the wisdom and power you have are meaningless.

2.       We are all baptized into one body that makes us members of one church.

3.       Sometimes to show love you have to be truthful with someone, but the truth may hurt their feelings even though it was necessary to tell them they were sinning.

How Can This Sermon Apply to My Daily Live:

                Even though people are going to not always agree, disappoint us, or even sin against us, we shouldn’t kept a record of their wrong doings.  We need forgive and forget.  We’re going mess up too sometimes and we would want that people who we hurt to forgive us.


What was the main point of the sermon? 

                The main point of this sermon was about the true meaning of love. Without love we are nothing. We are gongs and cymbals. True love identifies what is destroying us and how to help us change. True love seeks the truth. If it is true, then it is love. Love is not just feelings. Paul takes about love. He says if we do not have love, we have nothing. 


How does hearing this sermon strengthen my understanding of Scripture, faith, and knowledge of Christ?         

This sermon strengthens my faith. It reminds me that I have a purpose in life for Jesus Christ my Savior. We cannot be divided; instead we all need the same judgment and same direction in Jesus Christ. When Paul says we all must agree he means that there is one word to proclaim the Gospel, one word to reach out, and that we must claim God’s word together. I know that I am a sinner, everyone is. Through these sinful ways, we are pushed away from the cross. In weakness, God’s power is shown. Through going to church and praying for forgiveness, we realize what we have done wrong and we are brought back to Jesus. 


What would you want someone else to know about this sermon?

                I would want someone to know that this sermon helps people remember that the truth can hurt, but it is love if it is true. True love seeks the truth. One should judge others only to help and lift them up. It is important to remember why we care about the body of Christ. When one suffers we all suffer. When one rejoices we all rejoice. As a church member we are all members of the body of Christ. One member is as important as all the other members.


"Crucified" By Pastor Ross Based on 1 Corinthains 1:10-18
    The three main points do the sermon included The cross is the power of God, Love, and Fellowship/members. From this sermon I learned that love is the truth and the truth hurts, we are the body of Christ, and the body of Christ is not divided. This sermon can apply to my life because now I know to show Christ in my life. 



Blog #3  January 12, 2014                                       

Pastor Switz

Title:  Romans 6:3-4

Text:    Trust and Being Baptized with Jesus

Three Key Points:

·         Baptism is a way to start fresh and be cleansed of sin

·         Baptism brings you into God’s  world

·         Once we are Baptized we will never walk alone, God is always with us


Three Things I learned:

·         Baptism is a way of showing others that you are a child of God

·         It doesn’t matter if you are young or old when you get baptized.  What really matters is that you are proclaiming your faith in God

·         We should never forget what baptism means that we have chosen to live a good pure life and we need to pray each day to help us remember what our faith means to us.

How sermon applies to my daily life.

I am baptized and this was done when I was a small baby. I will always know that God is with me and I need to remember to pray to God to help me to be a good Christian and trust in him that my prayers will be heard even if I do not see God.


Date: January 12, 2014

The Sermon text: Romans 6: 3-4

Sermon title: Trust and Being Baptized with Jesus


3 key points in the sermon:  

  • The first key point is that being baptized with Jesus means DYING with Jesus. That means when we were baptized, we were baptized into His death. We were dying to ourselves, dying to sin, and dying to our normal way of thinking.

  • The next key point is being baptized with Jesus means BEING BURIED and BEING RAISED with Jesus. That means that we bury the many items and things that are not a part of a life sacrificed to Jesus. That means we are Easter Christians. We are Christmas Christians too, but especially Easter Christians. Because when you are baptized, you have been raised with Christ, just like on Easter. We have a new life and the eternal promise.

  • The final point is being baptized with Jesus means WALKING with Jesus. When you are baptized you have the promise of heaven and are able to actually walk right next to Jesus


3 Things I learned:

  • The first thing I learned was that when I am baptized, I die with Jesus.

  • I also didn’t know that when I am baptized, I am being buried with Jesus.

  • Finally, I especially didn’t know that when I’m baptized, I have risen with Jesus.


How can the sermon apply to my life?

It can apply to my life a lot because when someone asks why it is so important that that person is baptized, I can say that when they are baptized they die, are buried, rise, and are promised to walk with Jesus. They also need to know they just can’t stop going to church or their faith will die and they won’t go to heaven.


Luke 2:40-52


January 5, 2014

3 key points:

1.   Trust does come all the way from Heaven.

2.   Trust is most often missing in action.

3.   Trust is something that isn’t just with Christmas. It is something that comes though out our lives.

3 new things that I have learned today:

1.    I learned that trust is a missing action. Because there is so much sin in the world. We tell everyone about ourselves on the social networks, but then we lock the doors to our homes because we do not trust everyone.

2.    I also learned that trust comes from our church, those who lead us, our families and living outside our “Father’s House.”

3.    That trust goes back all the way from Eden. God trusted Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit.


These things that affect us on our daily lives are like when need help we can trust people to help us. And when we are lost we can always trust God to help us find a way back.


Blog #2  November 14, 2013                                       

Pastor Ros

Title: 2 Timothy

Text:    Second letter of Paul to Timothy

Three Key Points:

·         Do not be ashamed

·         Know God is always with me

·         Do not give up when times are bad  as God will help me win


Three Things I learned:

·         Bad things will happen in life that I will never understand why they are happening

·         God will help me to get through life even when bad things are happening

·         God is always around and when bad things happen I will not always understand what the meaning of them are.

How I will apply this to life.

I will continue to be a good Christian and have faith that even in bad times God is with me and will help me to get through the hard times. I will not always need to know why things are happening but I need to remember that Christ has taken sin away and is there for me.



Title: "Redeemed and Reclaimed"

Date: December 15, 2013

Verse: Isaiah 35:1-10


Three thing key points:

1. World needed to be recycled. (redeemed and reclaimed) 2. Jesus preformed man miracles and teachings.

3. The commandments were "fulfilled" in the coming of Christ.


Three things I learned:

1. That when we are recycled we are really getting renewed.

2. How Jesus lived through the commandments.

3. Jesus is with me everyday and he protract me!


How can this apply to life?

Jesus recycles us because of his word. Everyday we are made new. I listen to gods word. We are forgiven for our sins because Jesus died for us!


Sermon Date:  December 8, 2013

Sermon Title:  “See Salvation” by Pastor Ros Schultz

Main Scriptures:  Matthew 3



            This sermon, called “See Salvation” was about baptism and how it’s a necessary part of our salvation, and also about how much we need salvation more than anything else in our lives.           

            We talked about this sermon at home and some of the points of the sermon.  One of those was that you need to repent and be baptized in order to receive salvation; otherwise, you can’t get into the kingdom of God, and that’s where we need to get to.  Also that no matter what kinds of things we have now, it won’t matter later, and what’s really important is to have salvation.  It’s all that’s important.

            From the sermon, I learned that the people who went to see John the Baptist wanted to repent and that’s what they were there for, to repent and get baptized.  Even Jesus went, and He’s Jesus.  I wish we would have learned a little bit more about why He had to do it too, but maybe that’s in the next sermon.  I also learned that the Pharisees and the Sadducees who were there really didn’t want to repent like everybody else did.  They were just doing what they did because that’s what they were told to do.

            This sermon applies to my life for a couple reasons.  One because of catechism class and we learn about baptism and other things we have to know.  It’s confusing because I was baptized when I was a little kid, but the Bible in Acts 2:38-39 says you’re only supposed to get baptized after you’ve received instruction and know about repenting.  That’s on page 206 of the catechism book too.  It says “Those who can receive instruction are to be baptized after they have been instructed in the main articles of the Christian faith”.  Kind of like the way we learn so many things in catechism class about Christian faith and what we’re supposed to do to get salvation and live our lives.  But then on page 207 it says babies can be baptized because they’re included in the “all nations” part.  I’m confused because it seems like if we get baptized as babies and little kids who don’t know what repentance is or what salvation is or anything, then we haven’t really done what we’re supposed to, because we haven’t received instruction or know what we’re doing.  I hope that we’ll learn more about this in church and in catechism class too.


Come Dear Jesus
3 Key Points

  • come dear Jesus teach us
  • come dear Jesus reconcile us
  • come dear Jesus change the world

      We should teach to love and serve Jesus.

       We should invite people to church.

        The greatest gift of Christmas is salvation.

3 Things I Learned

  • every things we do is because of Jesus
  • to celebrate Christmas without Jesus is no Christmas at all
  • we should not be afraid to talk about Jesus on Christmas

     We should be willing to reconcile differences with others.

         We should pray about how we could change the world

There are good people that don’t know Jesus.

How it Applies To Life
W need to know that everything in lie is because of Jesus.  On Christmas we need to focus on Jesus, when we open our presents we need to understand those presents are from Jesus. we need to serve, honor, and obey Jesus.

Christmas is more than a just a holiday. I can tell everyone that it is more than just receiving gifts. It is about the birth of Jesus and the salvation of our eternal life.






Title: “Timothy… Complete!!!”


Preached by: Rev. Willis R. Schwichtenberg


Scripture: 2nd Timothy chapters 3-4


Key Points

The main point of the sermon is about the

“completion” of the church year. Paul wrote in 2nd

Timothy 3:1-4 that these last days will be hard and to

avoid the bad people out there.

completeness means understanding this world

completeness means understanding and using the word of God

completeness means doing what we are called to do

We need to be complete in this world and in the word of the Lord. Evil is present in this world today and we need to be prepared for it. Jesus is the full truth and nothing but the truth. We have to understand that us as Christians who live a godly life will face persecution. We need to follow the word of God when the devil attacks us. Even though we sin daily we ask for forgiveness and know that Jesus died for us and is the leader of the church. He is always with us.



What did I learn?

Hearing this scripture helps me strengthen my understanding of Scripture because Paul tells us to avoid bad people. I feel as if this book was written for my generation, the 21st century.

we need to understand that those who live a godly life in Christ will face prosecution

in the church we don't always get along

the word equips us for life and living

Hearing this sermon helps me understand scripture because all scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness that the man od God may be complete equipped for every good work. This helps my faith because I know that Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins. This helps my knowledge of Christ because I know that He is the truth and the leader of the church and that He is always there for me.



What would you want someone else to know about this sermon or how does this apply to my life?

I would tell people that Paul, the author practically foreshadowed this generation. He tells us good tips for life. That is just how I think of it.

we can do anything through life. we can get through our homework,work, and any other hard tasks. we help in the church everyday. even the work of God has challenges but when the task is completed the feeling is wonderful. You will feel great when the task is done.

I would want someone else to know that even though there is evil and temptation all around, Jesus is always there for you no matter what is happening in life. We have to stay strong in the scripture of God and ask for forgiveness of our sins and be complete in what we are called to do. 




“Take Care’’…

Timothy Chapter 5

I and II Timothy



Take care of how you treat people. Treat people in a proper way.

Take care of your family. You need to provide for your family.

Take care of your church family. Care for the people that serve at your church.

How you treat other people

How you treat family

How you treat Church family

Take care of elders.

Take care of your church family.

Take care of yourself


The 3 things I learned.

We must be careful in church; we must watch how we are praying. Not making jokes about it.

We must properly help people who serve us; we must serve people who serve us.

We need to watch how we are serving others; we should serve people in a good way not a bad way

Always treat others with respect.

Don’t argue with others

Even if you don’t agree with someone else you need to listen to them and let them talk.

We should be careful how we act, love and forgive.


How this applies to my life

We should pray for others like people who are sick

or who are in hard times; families; friends and even our enemies.

We should forgive people as Jesus forgave us of our sins.

I will respect others even if they don’t agree with me

I will not talk about others in a mean way

I will be more careful how I greet people, talk to people and think about people.





Title: Who's in Charge here?-It's all about order

By: Pastor Schwichtenberg

Text: 1Timothy chapter 3

1. some truths about "order" for overseers

  •   Its a     noble task; they need to be above repro
  • ach, and need to manage well and     respect

2. some truths about "order" for deacons and leaders

  • they need to     be dignifies, and hold the mystery of the faith with clear conscience.

3. some truths about "order" for leadership

  • leadership     needs to be about behavior, the church, Jesus and the mystery of godliness

Truths about "order" for overseers. The overseers need to manage well, command respect, and be above reproach. To be and overseer is a noble task but again we all fail at the ideas from god. Another key point is that deacons and leaders have to have '"order. "They need to be dignified, to be tested, and need to serve well. also they need to be able to hold the mystery of faith with a clear conscience. Finally, the last key point is that leadership even has its "order". For them it's all about behavior, church, Jesus, and the mystery if godliness. So, who really is in charge? The overseers or the deacons and leaders. The answer is none of the above! Who's in charge? JESUS!!!

what I learned:
 Leaders are suppose to be godly and need to be in charge of his household. they have to know and love Jesus before they can serve. Leaders need to trust in God to give them strength through the Holy Spirit. Leaders should not have evil desires and know Jesus is in charge.

I learned that no matter how hard we try, we will all eventually fail in acting in the house of god. Also that NO church should have people pushing other people aside for any reason. We are all coming together to learn and worship god; it doesn't matter what you wear or what you look like. We all look beautiful in gods eyes! Lastly, No matter what position you hold in the church, It's about Jesus and what he has done for us.

how can it apply to my life:
  as I become a leader, I need to trust in God. Everyone is a leader sometime in their life. like older kids are role models to little kids and need to be a leader and show them to God. anyone can be a leader. once your a parent you want to bring your kid to Christ. when your a leader you want to be like Jesus.

This sermon will help me in my daily life because it will remind me not to brag about a certain position or accomplishment I have received because I couldn't have achieved it without gods help  and guidance!



Title: “Prayer, Service and More-Our Roles”

Text: 1 Timothy 2

Date: October 19, 2013

3 key points:

☻Trusting in God

☻Roles in the church

☻Roles in man and wife

3 new things I learned:

☻Being a part of the church

☻If you act Christ like no one will have a problem.

☻The main roles it to believe in God.

How is this sermon applied to my daily life?

☻I’m going to have a lot of roles in my life but the main role is the one and only God!




"Father, Creator, Instigator" Trust and God the Father

1 Timothy 2

1. We need to pray. We are need to be submissive to parents and other authorities. Jesus submitted himself to suffer and die for us to save us from our sins. We need to be respectful and modest. We also need to have self- control and do good works.

2. This sermon strengthens my understanding of scripture because it tells me that I need to always be respectful of all authorities. This strengthens my faith because I have to have faith that Jesus submitted himself to the cross to save me from my sins. This strengthens my understanding of Christ because He was submissive to us so we have to be submissive to others.

3. I would want someone else to know about this sermon because it teaches to be respectful of others. We also need to pray and ask for forgiveness of our sins because Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins.



Date: 10/6/2013

Sermon Text: 1 Timothy 1

Sermon Title: My Place in Church.  How did I get here?

Preached by: Pastor Ros Schultz

Key Points

“First we have to reflect on how we got to the church. Not by car or walking, but maybe by family, school, or by chance. But we all have different reasons. Nonetheless, the real reason is beyond ourselves.  The stewardship is from faith.  Paul tells Timothy it is not about me, or how good the preacher is, but it is about the Word of God and speaking His promise into our  lives. It is also about God given it to us (faith).  Grace was given to us by God and it is important in our faith in Christ. We have to be careful not to put laws above people although we want to. It is also about people's happiness.”

“The reasons why are to hear God’s Word and to learn about it.  We also go to church to receive His Grace.  The reason we learn about God’s Word is so that we can know more about things like how we’re supposed to behave, and who Jesus is, and also so that we can expand our trust and faith in God so we can lead a good life and someday go to heaven.  We need to be able to go to church to be able to learn about God’s Word for those reasons.”

“How do you get to church? There is many reasons people come to church, but

the thing we need to remember is that God calls us to church. In the end we all come

together for Christ. We have 1 lord, 1 faith, and 1 baptism. We don't go to the store and

buy these things because God gives them to us. It's not about what you want and your

plans, it's about what God wants and his plans for you”

“The main point of the sermon is that God has a plan for us. God sends us in the right direction even though we might not see it. He has a plan for each and every one of us. When we get baptized, He sends the Holy Spirit into our lives and He is with us daily.”

“The three key points in Pastor Schultz's sermon were: we all have a different way or story of how we got to Immanuel, God is with us during our lowest and highest times in our life, and the joy in our hearts is always Jesus Christ.”

“1. One God, One Church, One Baptism 2. That the Holy Spirit leads us into the church. 3. No matter how we come to church, all that matters is our faith in Christ and that we will hear his word.”

Things Learned

“There is more than one way to come to a Lutheran church. Each of us has different reasons and ways of doing it. Also, that we have to reflect on how we got to church. We do this by thinking of what we may have done or how we need to change to be a better Lutheran. Finally, we go to church to hear the Word of God and it is that gives us faith.”

“Some things I learned after hearing the sermon were that churches can make laws, that God has given us His Grace, and that our joy and happiness are because Jesus died for our sins.  I am glad that I got to hear this sermon so I could learn these things.”

“It strengthens my understanding of scripture because when I read and hear the Bible and I know that it is true and that Christ is there. He comes through the scripture. This strengthens my faith because I trust in Him that He has a plan for me and will lead me in the right direction. This strengthens my knowledge of Christ because I know that He is always there for me and will never leave me.”

“Three things I learned in his sermon were: the law and how it's made for those who are not only just but for the people who are lawless and disobedient, the Spirit can move you at any time in your life, and even though we may think other things in our life bring us joy, our true joy comes from Jesus Christ.”

“People go to church to feel a sense of happiness, joy, excitement, and to have fun. While

at church we can have all of these, but we should go to hear about the gospel of the lord. Many

times people create a "law" of why we go to church. We should go to church because Jesus died

for our sins and to hear the gospel of the lord. Lastly, the stewardship of god is by our faith.”

“1. God will be with me in tough times. 2. It’s ok if we don’t want to go to church God will still love you. 3. By going to church it gives you more faith that brings you closer to God.”

Life Application

“Sometimes we feel so guilty that we have to reflect our sins with other fellow Christians. Having faith in God in our daily lives will give us happiness.”

“This sermon applies to my life because it talks about why we go to church, and I of course go to church.”

“I would want them to know that everyone has a purpose in life and in the church. Jesus leads us in the right direction through faith in him and we have to trust in him. We know that Christ is always with us no matter what happens in life.”

“The sermon can apply to my daily life by helping me to know that no matter how down or happy I am about something, Jesus is and always will be at my side for the rest of my life.”

“I will use this in my daily life to know that I shouldn't go to church for the joy, happiness, and 

fun of it , but to receive gods word.”

“It’s good to know when sometimes I’m having a bad day that I can have faith in God to be there.  If I have faith in God I will receive His grace, His word, and eternal life.”



''Holy Spirit"

By Pastor Ros


Text: Third Article of the Apostles Creed

Genesis 1 and 2

            The Holy Spirit works in many different ways. The main point of "Holy Spirit" was that He is part of the Trinity. Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. There are not three different gods, the Trinity is one God, three persons, but one substance.

            Many sermons have different meanings for different people. Hearing this sermon helped me know where to find the Holy Spirit in the Bible. It helped me to understand the Holy Spirit. The Trinity is not separated into parts, it is one. When I think of the Holy Spirit, I think baptism. 

            People have different opinions on sermons. I would want people to hear this sermon because it helped me learn that the Holy Spirit is the one who calls people into faith. "Luke 3:22 and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form, like a dove."

Sermon Notes Rubric

For writing your Sermon note blog you will: 

1.) Write the date and title of the sermon.

2.) Provide the main scripture used for the sermon. 

3.) Answer these three questions in a paragraph about the sermon: 

    1. What was the main point of the sermon?
    2. How does hearing this sermon strengthen my understanding of Scripture, faith, and knowledge of Christ? 
    3. What would you want someone else to know about this sermon?